Ranger Tire Machines Reviews

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Tire changing is a daily task for any automotive enthusiast and professional. In the tire-changing market competing with various tire machines, it’s tough to find one that offers reliable, efficient, and value for money. In the world of tire machines, Ranger stands tall as a trusted brand renowned for its quality, durability, and innovation.

In this article, we’ll hunt through the world of Ranger tire machines. We will provide you with comprehensive reviews, comparisons, and insights to help you make an ideal decision.

Top 5 Ranger Tire Machines Review

Now, let’s dive into detailed reviews of the prominent Ranger tire machines

1. Ranger R80EX Tire Changer with Dual Assist

The R80EX tire machine by Ranger stands out for its smart design and easy-to-use features, making tire changes a breeze. You’ll find tire swapping as simple as pie with its helpful dual assist system and tilt-back tower.

The adjustable Rimguard wheel clamps keep your wheels snugly in place, ensuring no slipping or sliding during the process.

Also, the advanced clamp positioning and power-controlled bead loosener make tough jobs. You feel like a walk in the park. With the R80EX, you’ll breeze through tire changes like a pro, saving time and effort.

Pros & Cons


  • Dual assist system for efficient tire changing.
  • Advanced clamp positioning for precise adjustments.
  • Power-controlled bead loosener for effortless operation.


  • May require additional space due to the tilt-back tower design.

2. Ranger R980XR  Tire Changer

When it comes to tire changers, the Ranger R980XR is an unbeatable combination of comfort and performance. You can Imagine, having an electric turntable. You can easily access upfront controls at your fingertips.

Also, you can make tire changes as simple as a push of a button. Also, the R980XR is built with an upgraded electric motor and spring-assisted tool shaft. You can get a smooth and effortless experience by swapping tires becomes.

Pros & Cons


  • Electric turntable for seamless rotation.
  • Upfront controls for easy access.
  • Spring-assisted tool shaft for effortless operation.


  • Limited to 30″ tire capacity.

3. Ranger R980AT tire changer with Swing Arm

The Ranger R980AT is a tire changer that brings it to the next level in tire tech. R980AT can easily change tires with its power-assist tower and electric turntable like never before. Its multi-function mount and demount head add versatility to your workflow.

And allow you to tackle different tire sizes. Single-foot pedal control ensures smooth and efficient operation every time. Say hello to a new era of tire-changing with the R980AT.

Pros & Cons


  • Power-assist tower for enhanced convenience.
  • Multi-function mount and demount head for versatility.
  • Single-foot pedal control for simplified operation.


  • Limited tire capacity of 30 inches.

4. Ranger R-745 Tire Changer Machine with Wheel Protection Kit

With unique design and protection in mind, the R-745 from Ranger is a tire changer that goes the extra mile. Features like a durable nylon bead breaker cover and wheel clamp guards ensure the safety of your wheels.

Whether you’re servicing OEM tires or specialty wheels, the R-745 has great potential to deal with it. It can handle wheels up to 21 inches in size. It’s ready to tackle a wide range of tire-changing tasks. Say goodbye to fears about damaging your wheels – the R-745 is here to deliver reliable performance every time.

Pros & Cons


  • Wheel protection kit for preventing costly wheel damage.
  • Versatile compatibility with various tire and wheel sizes.
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance.


  • Bead seater not included.

5. Ranger R76LT Tire Changer

The R76LT Ranger sets the standard for efficiency with its innovative tilt-back design and robust alloy steel mount-demount head. This tire changer is a trustworthy partner in your workshop and is ready to tackle any tire-changing task easily.

Every time you use the R76LT ensure smooth and precise operation for air regulator and dual pneumatic cylinders. Say goodbye to frustrating hiccups and hello to seamless tire changes. Whether you’re a newbie, this tire changer makes your job easier and more efficient.

From small repairs or larger projects, the R76LT has the potential to handle these all. Its user-friendly factors make it a trustworthy choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. When you choose the R76LT, you’re choosing quality, performance, and peace of mind.

Pros & Cons


  • Tilt-back design for ease of use.
  • Alloy steel mount head for durability.
  • Dual pneumatic cylinders for efficient operation.


  • May require regular maintenance for optimal performance.

Difference between Ranger R80EX Vs. R980XR Vs. R980AT

To aid in decision-making, let’s compare the top three Ranger tire machines:




Power Source

Dual Assist Electric Power Assist
Turntable Type Tilt Back Tower




34″ 30″ 30″
Controls Pneumatic Upfront


Mount/Demount Head

Adjustable Plastic-Polymer Multi-Function
Bead Loosener Power Controlled Spring-assisted

Single Foot Pedal

What to look at before buying a Ranger tire changer machine


When considering buying a tire machine, at first quality should be the concern of your decision-making process. A tire machine needs to be made with heavy materials and deliver consistent performance over time.

So, look for features such as robust construction materials like alloy steel and durable components that can handle the demands of daily use without compromising on performance.


Features play a significant role in picking the best tire machine. Estimate the machine’s capabilities, including User experience, turntable design, and additional functionalities.

Look for features that enhance efficiency and convenience, such as power-assist towers, electric turntables, and multi-function mount and demount heads. The more features a machine offers, the more versatile it will be in handling various tire-changing tasks.


Cost is undoubtedly an important consideration when purchasing a tire machine. While it’s essential to evaluate the machine’s price, it’s equally important to consider its features and benefits to determine its overall value for money.

A machine may have a higher upfront cost, but if it offers advanced features and superior performance, it may prove to be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Conversely, a cheaper machine may save you money initially, but it may lack essential features or durability, resulting in higher maintenance costs or early replacement. Strike a balance between cost and features to ensure you get the best value for your investment in a tire machine.


Here are some common questions about Ranger tire machines answered in simple terms:

What makes Ranger tire machines stand out compared to other brands?

Ranger tire machines are known for their reliability, efficiency, and user-friendly features, making tire changing hassle-free.

Are Ranger tire machines suitable for both personal and commercial use?

Yes, Ranger tire machines are designed to cater to both personal and commercial needs, offering versatility and durability.

How difficult is operating a Ranger tire machine for someone with limited mechanical experience?

Ranger tire machines are designed with user-friendly features and controls, making them accessible even for those with limited mechanical experience.

Can Ranger tire machines handle different types of tires, such as low-profile or run-flat tires?

Yes, Ranger tire machines are compatible with various tire types, including low-profile and run-flat tires, ensuring versatility and convenience.

What safety features do Ranger tire machines offer to prevent accidents or wheel damage?

Ranger tire machines come with safety features such as wheel protection kits, bead breaker covers, and pneumatic control valves to prevent accidents and wheel damage during tire changing.

Are Ranger tire machines compatible with various rim sizes commonly found on different vehicles? 

Yes, Ranger tire machines are designed to accommodate a wide range of rim sizes commonly found on different vehicles, ensuring versatility and compatibility.

What maintenance is required for Ranger tire machines to ensure optimal performance and longevity? 

Regular maintenance such as lubrication, cleaning, and inspection of components is recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity of Ranger tire machines.

Final Word

Investing in a quality tire machine is essential for efficient and hassle-free tire changing. With Ranger tire machines, you can expect reliability, durability, and user-friendly features to streamline your tire work, whether for personal or commercial use. Choose the model that best suits your needs and enjoy smoother tire changes for years to come.

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